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24 Jul 2014




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Review by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 24 Jul 2014

Search engine giant Google created a toolbar for Internet Explorer users, a toolbar that provides easy access to lots of Google-related functionality: search on Google, share on Google+, translate with Google Translate, watch videos on YouTube, and so on.

Google Toolbar is compatible with any Internet Explorer version from Internet Explorer 6 onward.
Google Toolbar provides support for any Windows edition from Windows XP onward.
While you’re installing Google Toolbar on a Windows-powered PC, you will be prompted to change the default search provider to Google. By default, Internet Explorer uses Bing as its default search provider.

Google Toolbar, as the name points out, is a toolbar. As such, it is presented at the top of Internet Explorer’s interface, alongside any other bars.

There are several ways of customizing Google Toolbar’s interface: change the language (lots of languages are supported), select which buttons to enable in the toolbar, choose what buttons are pinned to the toolbar.

All the functionality Google has to offer is covered by the Google Toolbar: Google Search, Google Image Search, YouTube, Google Translate, Google News, Google Scholar, Google+, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Picasa Web Albums, and so on. The toolbar provides easy access to all the services that Google has to offer.

Google Toolbar is free software. So if you want it, you’ll be glad to know that you won’t have to part with any of your hard earned money. But still, it’s a toolbar! I don’t know many people who like toolbars. If you want easy access to Google services and Google functionality, forget about Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer and switch to Google Chrome.

Google Toolbar is free and it works as advertised. Apart from the fact that it is a toolbar, there’s not much you can hold against it!


Google Toolbar is compatible with all Windows editions from XP onward and with all Internet Explorer versions from IE6 onward. The tollbar can be customized: change the language, pick the buttons that are pinned to the toolbars. The toolbar provides easy access to all of Google’s services. Google Toolbar is free software.


It’s a toolbar.

Google Toolbar


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